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If you’re searching for a way to upgrade your patio or expand your outdoor living space, consider adding a backyard pergola. A pergola adds shade without inhibiting airflow. You can have one built just outside your patio doors or anywhere in your yard. Let’s dive into what a pergola is, what it’s not, and why you may enjoy adding one.

What Is A Backyard Pergola | East Coast EnclosuresWhat Is A Backyard Pergola?

A pergola is a square or rectangular outdoor structure that has a minimum of 4 vertical posts and open sides. The larger the pergola the more posts are required. They’re often made from pressure-treated wood and are stained or painted to enhance your home’s exterior. The roof is typically partially enclosed. You can hang curtains and seating or add lighting or a ceiling fan to the roof. Unlike a deck, pergolas don’t have flooring. This means you can add one anywhere you like!

Why Add A Pergola To Your Yard?

Keep in mind that pergolas don’t have to run the full length of your patio or deck. They can be placed anywhere you want to add shade, improve privacy, or beautify your yard.

Below are just a few benefits of adding a pergola:

Why Have a Pergola Without A Roof?

Your backyard pergola can have a full roof, but most are partially enclosed with straight or angled slats. This maintains airflow and provides shade with a hint of sunlight. You can hang decorative curtains from straight slats to provide full shade or we can strategically angle the slats to provide shade from mid-day sun.

As mentioned above, you can also grow a vined plants across the top for full shade that doubles as decorative landscaping.

Is A Backyard Pergola vs Arbor | East Coast EnclosuresIs A Pergola An Arbor?

An arbor and a pergola have a few things in common, but an arbor is a much smaller structure. Arbors are typically added to the yard to mark the entrance of the garden. They can be arched or square and might be large enough for a seat or two—but most are a small entryway.

Backyard Pergola vs Gazebo | East Coast EnclosuresIs A Pergola A Gazebo?

A gazebo has a lot in common with a pergola but requires a bit more construction. Gazebos have a full roof, often with shingles. They also have a base and flooring, maybe even stairs to elevate viewing. Gazebos can be square or rectangular, but they are often an octagon or circle. The sides may be open or partially enclosed.

Pergola vs. Screened Porch?

One of the disadvantages of adding a backyard pergola is that you remain exposed to flies, mosquitos, and other bugs. For all the benefits of a pergola without bugs, a screened porch might be a better option. Screened porches are fully enclosed structures, with a full roof, screened walls, and a door that leads to the yard. They also provide an enclosed space for kids and pets to play.

Looking For A Custom Outdoor Space?

If you live in or around Conway, SC and are considering adding a backyard pergola to your home—reach out to East Coast Enclosures! We specialize in custom-built home additions that increase your property value while expanding your living space. From pergolas to arbors, gazebos, screened porches, and more!