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Season Room | Patio Screen Room

Wish you had more room to entertain? Wish you used your patio more? Don’t have a patio and want to add one? A patio screen room is one of our top requests. It expands your outdoor living space and makes existing patios more comfortable and functional. Your new screened-in area is one of many ways East Coast Enclosures can beautify and customize your home!

What Is A Patio Screen Room?

A screen room is a framed and screened enclosure built over a new or existing patio, deck, or porch. The frame can be built in either wood or aluminum to match your home’s exterior. The interior flooring can be made from your choice of outdoor materials. Screen rooms have a roof and at least 1 door to access the yard. We can personalize it with lighting, ceiling fans, and electrical outlets.

Is A Screen Room A Sunroom?

Sunrooms by East Coast Enclosures

While the two have a lot in common, a sunroom is a fully enclosed extension of your home. It doesn’t just have screens, but floor-to-ceiling windows. When the windows are closed, the sunroom provides full protection from the elements. This means you can put indoor furniture inside if you want to. You can also route heating and cooling.

Patio screen rooms keep bugs and critters out, but they don’t keep the rain, wind, or the elements out. The temperature will always be similar to what it is outdoors, but cooler in the summer as it has a roof for shade.

A sunroom may be a better fit if you’re in need of comfortable year-round use. A screen room is ideal if you’re primarily in need of spring and summer use.

Let’s dive into the top 5 benefits of screening in your new or existing patio.

#1 Fast & Easy Build

While a building permit is required for most screen rooms, the build is faster and easier than adding a fully enclosed sunroom, bedroom, or other home extension.

#2 Versatility

With a roof, you have shade which makes it more comfortable for you, your family, and friends to spend time outside. Just decorate with comfortable outdoor furniture. For those with families, your new home extension provides a bit more space for everyone to spread out during the summer when the kids are home—or anytime it’s not to cool out.

Since there’s plenty of airflow, you can even add your grill. This means you have a dry place to grill when it’s raining in the winter!

Eze Breeze Screen Room by East Coast Enclosures

#3 No Bugs Or Critters

Whether you’re working, relaxing, playing with the kids, grilling, or eating—there’s no worry about mosquitos, flies, or unwanted critters finding their way into your patio screen room. With the breeze, sunlight, and sounds and smells of nature, you’ll still feel like you’re outside!

#4 Privacy

Add your new screened-in room just outside of your patio doors to improve privacy without sacrificing airflow. Depending on the placement, you may lose a bit of direct sunlight. As an added bonus, less direct sunlight means a lower air conditioning bill!

When it’s not too hot, you can leave your patio doors open to enjoy airflow while creating a transitional indoor-outdoor space. The door from the patio to the yard locks for added security.

#5 Play Space For Kids And Pets

Your new room can be anything you want it to be! For many it’s a multi-purpose space where they entertain, leave their pets while they’re at work, and let kids of all ages play. For toddlers, it’s a safe space they can play semi-outdoors while you keep a close eye. Or the kids can play in the yard while you sit in the shade and comfort of your upgraded deck.

Want To Add A Patio Screen Room To Your Conway Home?

Reach out to East Coast Enclosures to discuss your options in patio screen rooms, sunrooms, pergolas, and other home additions!